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Who is Dr D?


Many of our Patients use their Insurance Plans to help with the cost of health care.  Dr. D is most likely a PREFERRED PROVIDER  in your Insurance Company's network plan.  This means you'll get the most care at an affordable cost.  Call the office at 614-529-8171 for more info and let us help you benefit from your insurance covered services.

For those patients with no insurance or very limited insurance, we can help with specific cost savings plans and payments.   Generally many plans have Chiropractic care coverage.  Additionally, auto accidents and work injuries have coverage for chiropractic in most cases.

The Acutherapy and Craniopathy Services offered by Dr. D are not billed to insurance, but for those that need these services, nothing else will do.  As a result they are made to be as affordable as possible for our patients!

Some of the Insurances that Dr D is In-Network with:

  • United Healthcare
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Great West Life
  • Anthem and the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Companies
  • NGS America - OSU Primecare
  • Auto Accident Med-Pay Coverage
  • Call about Your Plan!


Call us at 614-529-8171

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